Why TVC?

Why The Vacation Channel?

Top 5 Key Benefits
The Vacation Channel benefits advertisers in many ways
The Top 5 Key Benefits to our advertisers are:

1. Welcomed Information – Visitors are actively seeking information. Your message isn’t perceived as an interruption of programming like on standard television. Instead, visitors are very excited to learn about you and what you have to offer.
2. Power of Television – Highly effective medium because of sight, sound, motion and emotion used simultaneously. Since we air only one message at a time, you have an exclusive presentation of your message.
3. Implied Endorsement – The Vacation Channel is a solid company with a reputation for quality. Your participation in our programming appears to be a personal recommendation from The Vacation Channel.
4. Frequency – Message is seen often throughout the day, therefore: Your message is more likely to be seen by the visitors. You will have a stronger impact on viewers the more times they see it.
5. Reach Qualified Prospects – Reaches visitors early and often during their stay. Relaxed environment with a low number of other advertising mediums. These viewers are in their rooms preparing to immediately go and make buying decisions.

Coverage Area

Serving The Entire Branson/Tri-Lakes Area Since 1989!

Bear Creek, Bull Creek, Bradleyville, Blue Eye, Branson, Branson West, Cedar Creek, Forsyth, Galena, Green Forest, Hollister, Indian Point, Kimberling City, Kirbyville, Kissee Mills, Lampe, Long Beach, Mildred, Omaha, Powersite, Reeds Spring, Walnut Shade

Video Production

One of the many other benefits of The Vacation Channel is TVC Productions. TVC Productions is our in-house, full service video production company. They’re a creative team of writers, producers, cinematographers, editors and animators who you’ll have the chance to work with to produce your commercials for The Vacation Channel. And whether it’s your first commercial or your fiftieth, they make it really easy, and you can be as involved as you would like to be in the process.
One of the main reasons you want to work with TVC Productions is that they are the same team that produces all our original, Branson information shows on The Vacation Channel- researching the information, writing the shows, gathering the video. SO, they are extremely familiar with our on-air programs, and they use that “inside knowledge” to create an effective commercial that will be successful for you on our channel.