News — 02 October 2013

A monumentious piece of Branson history says goodbye. The Snadon family has announced that they will be discontinuing The Shepherd of the Hills Show. This show has been a Branson legend for over 50 years. The origins of the Show begin with a book by the same name that was published back in 1907 by Harold Bell Write. This book gained so much popularity at the time of its publication that it had had been translated into 7 different languages, was the 2nd most popular book in the country, was the 4th most popular book in the world and was the first American novel to sell over a million copies. The Snadon family sighted the reasons for this shutdown as being due to the slow decline of attendance, lack of funding, and the health issues of the property owner Gary Snadon who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The show its self will continue until the end of the season where it will have its final curtain call on October the 19th. For more information on this historic show please visit


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