Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Branson need a visitor award program?
Local residents and visitors to our area want a chance to be heard, to voice their opinion, and to help their favorite entertainment and hospitality businesses receive recognition. This is also an ideal way to let the eight million visitors who come to Ozark Mountain Country every year choose the best of the best.

Why are visitors voting for the award winners?
No one knows better than our guests which shows, attractions, restaurants, shops, and lodging best meets their needs for outstanding service, quality entertainment and exceptional value. Plus, visitors want to know what other folks like them find most entertaining and enjoyable in Ozark Mountain Country. We believe the best possible judges of how we’re doing are the ones who make tourism grow and prosper in our region – our visitors!

Why is The Vacation Channel and ViewBranson.com sponsoring this award program?
The Vacation Channel has been educating and entertaining visitors to Branson for over 20 years. We’ve also been dedicated to listening to what area visitors want and need in Ozark Mountain Country. So it seemed only natural for us to be the ones to learn directly from area visitors what they most enjoy, and be able to share that information with others.

How will it work?
Visitors will learn about The Visitor Choice Awards on air via The Vacation Channel and all over town as the buzz and excitement builds for the area’s first and only guest-selected achievement awards. Everyone who visits our area will be invited to go on line to www.tvcbranson.com and vote for their favorites in five entertainment and hospitality categories. Visitors will choose up to three of their favorite shows, restaurants, attractions, shops, and lodging.

How will we know the voting is fair, accurate and unbiased?
The voting is being administered by an outside, independent company who specializes in data collection and management in order to assure a secure and reliable count.

What keeps someone from voting hundreds of times for their favorite show or attraction?
All voting will happen on-line. “Ballot stuffing” will be prevented in two ways; all voters will be cleared through an on-line security check that assures automatic voting does not penetrate the system AND computer IP addresses are captured and verified with each ballot so that voters can only submit one ballot each calendar month from the same computer.

How do I vote?
Click on the link from the home page that takes you to The Visitor Choice Awards. You’ll be asked to answer a few questions, clear the security screen and then vote for up to three favorites in five different categories. If you don’t see your favorite on the list provided, you have an opportunity to write-in a favorite too.

What are the categories?
You will be able to choose your favorite from seven categories: shows, attractions, dining, shopping center, retail store, lodging and customer service.

Why isn’t my favorite restaurant (show, attraction or shop) on the list of nominees?
Contestant lists have been compiled to provide voters with easy and convenient selection. In our effort to make this simple and fast for visitors, we have limited the list of potential favorites.

What should I do if my favorite is not on the list?
In every category of voting, you may “write-in” any show, restaurant, shop, lodging establishment, or attraction for which you want to cast your vote. A write-in vote in any category will count as your vote in that category.

Why can I vote every month?
Many visitors to Branson come several times a year and some of our visitors may share one computer. In addition, Branson is an ever-changing array of entertainment, recreation and hospitality options. So in order to give every visitor a chance to vote for every favorite they enjoy every time they visit, we allowed for one voting session per computer each month.

Does a write-in vote count as my one vote in a category?
Yes. One write-in vote counts as your one vote in the category.

What if I complete only a portion of my ballot, and then want to return and finish it later?
If cookies are enabled on your computer, you will be able to return to your ballot multiple times to complete the various categories. However once you click “submit ballot” you will not be able to return again to the category submitted. Remember however, that you can return to www.ViewBranson.com the next calendar month and submit another full or partial ballot.

Why do I have to provide my name and answer the questions at the start of the survey?
On-line security requires voters to provide some basic information before they cast their ballot. This system will only allow one voting session per computer IP address per month. Your name and e-mail address will not be used or distributed to others at anytime without your permission.

I live in the area, is it okay for me to vote too?
Absolutely! Just because the awards specifically mention “visitors” doesn’t mean we don’t want to know what our local residents think too! Your votes will be counted along with our visitors, one time per calendar month as previously described.

Can I vote for an individual person for their great customer service?
The Customer Service category is intended for businesses. It can be a business from any category and it does not matter if you have already voted for them in another category. If you were to vote for a person we would have no way of finding them and while it is great to recognize individuals, these awards are designed to promote excellence in businesses in the Branson community.

How will I know who wins these awards?
Be sure to give us your permission to contact you via e-mail after you complete your ballot. With this approval from you, we’ll send occasional TVC Award updates and make sure you receive the big announcement when the awards are presented. You can also check back on www.tvcbranson.com for regular award program updates.

What do The Visitor Choice Award winners receive?
Winners will enjoy plenty of well-deserved recognition, a beautiful award suitable for display at their place of business and “bragging rights” forever more! This endorsement from area visitors and residents will certainly bring more and more patrons to their door step, eager to enjoy what so many others have found to be superior at their show, attraction, restaurant, shop or lodging establishment.

Will these awards continue next year and beyond?
Our hope is that these awards will continue to improve with each passing year! There was great participation in it’s first season (2009) and we are excited to see just how big these awards will be!

Thanks for your interest and participation in The Visitor Choice Awards!